Deathless Gods

A Good Day to Die Part 1

Preperations begin for War:

The new independent state of Seamoor begins to prepare for the storm that is coming. With construction underway on several projects including the new military base. “A” team decides to not only clear one of the routes leading into Seamoor but hopefully conscript some Gnolls into our army. We begin heading out to where we had tracked the cultist encampment. When we get near the crossroads for the alchemist house we notice a frail Gnoll woman. She says she has been expecting us and that we need to be the saviors of her people. It all seems a little to convenient but who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth. She begins to tell us that the cultists have enslaved her people and are using them to bring terrible demons to our realm and that if they succeed it could spell disaster for the realms as we know it. Asmo(who FINALLY returned), Antares, and Nytia all share a sarcastic look. I mean really how bad can it be…

When we approach the monastery where the cultists have holed up even though it’s 11 in the morning the sky grows dark, crackles with thunder and the sky tears asunder. From the rip in time and space a giant meteor plummets towards the monastery.

Apparently it can be pretty bad…

Antares has his familiar case the place and when he reports back that there seems to be no activity we decide to do the stupid thing and walk right in the front door. I mean what could go wrong. As we approach the ground looks scorched and blackened there is a ruined building to our left and a small shed to the right with the monastery looming in front of us. We decide to check out the shed to avoid any surprises from behind. As we approach the world is suddenly spinning and our ears are ringing. When the disorientation clears we realize that we have stepped on an undetonated thunder stone. That’s when the howls began…

The tormented whispers of a million ruptured abominations begin assaulting our minds as we see a pack of slavering demon dogs jump and begin running at us from the destroyed ruin. Quickly, Nytia sings her song of rapture and entralls the dogs who decide maybe we are not so bad after all. (Note to dungeon bastard: Bards can in fact be very useful; even if they should be a dwarf.) With the impending battle avoided we decide to finish checking out the shed. Even while I am still arguing with the whispers in my head.

When we enter the house the atmosphere is oppressive and our very breath seems to be taken out of our lungs. We see a fireplace and some stairs up with little else on the first floor. Justice checks the fireplace and in the ruble finds a strong box. He tosses it over to Bandersnatch for him to open it up. Inside there is very little but some good coin.

We decide to check upstairs as we climb the stairs we see crates and goods and an overwhelming darkness that our light cannot seem to penetrate. Bander and Junker climb side by side to push the darkness aside we toss a sun rod in the room as it get close to the darkness a hideous ghost white face screams and both Junker and Bander are visibly shaken but still standing even if our hearts stopped for a second. Junker fires a shot off from the death ray but it goes wide as he is obviously still shaken. Bander draws his weapon and wades in. The others come upstairs and try to torch the unholy thing only to find it is immune to fire. Junker draws his weapon and swings true only to feel like he struck solid rock. Asmo tries some acid to see how it does unfortunately it gets absorbed the same as the fire. The only options seem to be magic weapons and Bander is doing a number on it with his. Junker gets tired of not being able to hurt it and shoots it with the death ray. It seems to be shaken but not dead….(how disappointing). The scream comes again but once again we seem to stave off its effects. We finally drop it after tearing into it with magic weapons and Antares dragon claws. In what we find from the loot miraculously we find a magical bastard sword for Junker. Sometimes fate is kind. There is also a broad sword that find but don’t have a clue about it. Checking the items upstairs we find little else.

We decide it’s time to finally take on the monastery. We head out and begin our march toward the site where the meteor is coming down… will it be our last stand or another in a long string of victories. We will find out soon enough.

To be continued.


nexusphere xxspectrexx

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