Deathless Gods

A Murder, an Ambush, a Release

Bandersnatch woke early in the morning to a scream. Upon investigation, she found Troll and the city guard gathered at a villager’s home. A woman had been murdered—bludgeoned and stabbed to death with ice. A frozen path led to the dock district, where the trail was lost. Oceanous’s severed ear twitched and bled. Could it be him, somehow cursed, risen, and seeking revenge on the town?

At few moments later, trumpets blared. A procession approached Seamoor! As the mayor, council members, and head of the City Watch, it was the group’s responsibility to meet them. Twelve golden platemailed guards surrounded four ten-foot-tall leather-clad men, who in turn guarded an even taller gold-skinned woman. They rode huge pack beasts bearing howdahs. The A Team assembled, and learned that the visitor was a Luminary of Oizys. Fair enough. Time for us to deal with the regional establishment. Then came the demands. “Half your amassed treasure! Your townsfolk shall be eaten by my tigers for amusement! I now determine half the town’s development!” It was as though this new jerk-lady knew exactly what to say to drive the party to violence.

On the way to the Brass Owl, the party exchanged a few knowing glances and sprung into action. The Mayor magicked these five foes from the North into an enthralling argument that ended with sobbing and slaughter. Bandersnatch, Datodel, and the Bravo surrounded the mayor to keep her safe. Nin exchanged purrs with the massive cats, then started to do her thing. Heads rolled. Long story short, the party cut through the entourage and captured an unconscious Luminary.

After the fight, 1-2-Hydrafaust was declared as Seamoor’s Independence Day. The party blew money on a great festival, hoping to inspire and unify the townsfolk. The next morning, the Luminary was interrogated gently, but she was obviously obsessed with Oizys. She will be tried by her Titan’s ex-subjects.

A small band descended into the sewers and found the scene of a battle. A boar man explained how evil the bat men were, and how foolish the party had been to use the Wishing Shell. The party patched up his wounds and sent him to his people.

Then, after discussions involving clauses like “No sexually assaulting people” and “Also please don’t mind control us”, the party released the unknown being from its prison. Yeah. We’ll see how that turns out.


nexusphere Garg

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