Deathless Gods

Descent to the Future

Sea Team was approaching Brightholm, the last major port before making their way back to Seamoor. At sunrise, the crew discovered a metal craft floating off the starboard bow. A hatch led belowdecks. The curious explorers decided to at least examine the entryway, but it was an airlock-style chamber, requiring full commitment to entering. The submarine began to dive! And (perhaps thankfully) the hatch above would not open. Orange-yellow lights spun about, illuminating the darkness.

Sea Team found a bag of goodies in the entrance. They dubbed them:

  • Barcode Scanner (a device that shows live creatures near the user)
  • Weird Suspenders (a leather article of clothing(?) that is wearable around the midsection)
  • A pistol (that destroys/dessicates its target)
  • A rifle (later dubbed The Screamer) with two power lights
  • Miscellaneous bits

A horrifying crab-man emerged from the left corridor. He rasped, “Are any of you a wizard?”. None of the team were, so none responded. The crab retreated “north”, and the team found him several yards back, hiding on the ceiling behind some pipes. The party reversed direction and headed south. There, they discovered fleshy, eggy mounds of organic material. Not wanting to release a swarm of submarine eel-monsters, the team tiptoed past.

After checking a few doors and finding old corpses in closets, the crew was surprised by a long worm bursting through a wall. It looked like it could have done serious damage, but the team chopped it down to size quickly.

Further on, the team discovered the ship’s bridge. A large flashing display indicated that a room midship was causing some sort of issue. The team began searching for that room.

In the belly of the ship, the team found a massive queen worm coiled around a nuclear reactor(?). A hard fight later, near to death, the team emerged victorious.

The main warning signal had stopped, but multiple other warnings lit up at the periphery of the ship. Unwilling to explore with few hitpoints and abilities remaining, the team holed up in the bridge, then the entryway.

The ship re-surfaced, but was obviously sinking. The crew disembarked, and watched their newly-discovered magic ship sink away, likely never to be found again.


nexusphere Garg

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