Deathless Gods


“Seamoor is cut off from its neighbors by bandits and a supposed hydra. We may need an army to drive off the bandits, but how hard could a single creature be to hunt?”

These were the words that led to our violent defeat. The plan seemed simple enough. Track the hydra to its lair and kill it. Our previous experience fighting individual beasts made us overconfident.

Stalking through the humid morning swamplands, our crew steeled itself for the battle ahead. Oceanous bravely volunteered to scout ahead. He saw a huge bipedal hydra stomping around a bubbling pool, and reported back to the group. The battle plan was deceptively simple. Arrange into two groups: A firing group and a melee force, spearheaded by summoned shades and skeleton crocodiles. Charge. The hydra was only slightly out of position from our first observance of him. We let loose ranged attacks and got a good round or two of melee whacks in. Then the second, larger hydra arose from the bubbling pool. Right on our flank.

Even a second batch of summoned shades couldn’t shift the tide now. The hydras’ heads struck all of us, and Oceanous suffered the worst hits. Clutched in the jaws, a blast of cold froze Oceanous solid, and he shattered over the battlefield. The Wolfshead fell as well, but we only had a moment to grab a body part and flee.

Pay attention to bubbling pits.


nexusphere Garg

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