Deathless Gods

Of Frogs and Men

Another day breaks, and Antaris is chomping at the bit to go back to the most house.  The last time they went, they brought back an amazing haul, and he is certain there is more to be found. 

We still haven’t figured out a cure for the red water, and the ignorant town folk are still drinking from it, convinced we are trying to hoard the magic water for ourselves.  However, there’s probably not much treasure there, so the moat house it is. 

Having learned better than to approach directly, we take a much longer route out and around. Nin only has to soothe seven crocs, and we are in. We head down into the lower level.  Everything looks much as it had until we reach a new area. We find a room full of toad cultist robes and quickly swipe some for later, just in case. A few rooms later we hear about twenty people talking on the other side of a door.  After several minutes of deliberation, I cast Silver Tongue and we agree to attack at the first sign of aggression. We walk in and I greet them. There are two frog-like priests in large hats and around fifteen other frog cultists hanging out in their barracks.  Suddenly, we are met with the most heinous voices I have ever heard. I can’t even think straight, they are so annoying. Truly anything that sounds that awful must die immediately. One of the priests starts casting, and black mist starts rolling out from him. It’s the aggressive action we were waiting for.  Nin rushes forward and beheads the two priests while Antaris incinerates the ones on the left with his flame breath. I cast song of discord on the group of cultists to the right causing them turn on each other while Oceanus charges in with a lightning fast staff flurry takes out seven of the nine. Two remain alive but surrender immediately. They begin speaking again, something about joining their cult, but again the sound is so grating I am unable to feel sympathy for these wretches. Thankfully, Oceanus deftly puts them out of their misery allowing me to think straight again. We find some loot on the guys and start checking the room. Oceanus finds the head priest’s quarters in the next room with a open door leading away from it. He fears someone has heard and fled our mayhem. We decide to chase this creature down. A room and a hallway later, we open the door on their sanctuary.

At the front, before a large altar, and at the top of several steps  is a frog man with a giant hat. In front of him are two more frog men flanked by six archers in the alcoves on each side. In the aisle up the middle, are several more frog men. Just as we are walking in the priest begins chanting and a giant fireball explodes just in front of me. The pain is outrageous.  My bodyguard, who mysteriously wasn’t there when I needed her, runs up and helps put out the flames. I notice that the same thing has happened to Antaris, but he appears unresponsive at the moment. I crawl behind the nearest column for cover and heal myself. Now that I can think of something more than pain, I realize that Nin has been seriously injured by a couple of well-placed arrows and has retreated behind a pillar in an attempt to survive. Oceanus, while hit, is still up and taking down bandits and toad cultists. The head priest has taken an arrow but is still going strong. Nin’s boa has just succumbed to attacks from six short swords. Things are not looking good. Quickly, I rush to the far alcove full of archers along with Antaris’ mini-dragon. Antaris lines up to breathe fire on the priest and his two protectors on the platform. Oceanus readies an attack against the head guys for as soon as the fire dissipates. It is do or die for all of us. 

Antaris breathes fire taking out the two body guards and knocking the head guy to the floor. Oceanus rushes in for the coup de grace, and takes out the leader then immediately takes cover on the floor as four arrows fly by and two find their mark.  I cast shout on the six archers in the right alcove exploding their heads. Fortunately, the remaining five archers have seen enough in the past few seconds. They surrender we tie them up. 

The party begins searching the bodies and the sanctuary while I take time to heal everyone.  We find some platinum bracers and an enormous cache of coins and gems. Antaris uses his rod of detect magic to discover a hidden chamber in the priest’s ready room containing even more gems, money, and a giant 800 lb ivory worm statue ( Everyone needs one of those. ). Antaris again uses the rod on the sanctuary but discovers nothing; however, Oceanus taps on all of the columns, checking for any hollow sounds and strikes pay dirt, literally. Opening the column reveals a short dirt tunnel. At its end is a single stone set into the ceiling. Carefully, Oceanus pushes it up and out of the way revealing a room. Within it are a single skeleton and mosaics on the plaster walls. Leaving no stone unturned, we demolish the plaster walls revealing two doors. 


Ok someone else needs to finish it.

Of Frogs and Men
nexusphere Garg

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