Deathless Gods

Our Rise in the Fall

After our final fight with bandits, we humped it back home. The crew talked about getting a nice rest at the base, and sorting out their treasure shares. Unbeknownst to the A Team (also known as the Away Team), at that very moment, the home base was being attacked and the treasure room invaded.

As quiet a night as any, at Seamoor Headquarters. Nettie, Alisae, The New Alchemist (never bother to learn the frosh names), Mumbles, Alisae, and a few other members of B Team were chilling at home, yet oddly vigilant, when the assault began. “Why do they get all the excitement? Here we are, polishing the weapons, stocking the pantry. When are our glory days, huh?”, said someone off-camera. Loud footsteps, thudding on the ground outside. A grunt, a snarl, and then

Two of the house walls burst inwards. Gnolls, great and small, flooded in. In a surprisingly short time, the house denizens mobilized to defend themselves. The alchemist and Mumbles fought near the stairs. Datodel shot arrows from the second story. The massive gnoll fighters pushed back our men and women, and all looked lost. The small gnolls sniffed out the treasure, and began scrambling up to the second floor. Nettie had an idea, though a few seconds too late. She ran to the treasure room, unlocked it, and began beating the Drums of Panic. The gnolls scattered, but the few who followed Nettie into the treasure room made off with several bags. Thankfully, later inventories showed that only copper and gold had been stolen.

Back at the edge of town, the big fight went down. The illegitimate mayor-fraud led a group of gnolls and magically-created fungal copies of Grant Carlson. The A-Team won by the skin of their teeth, stealing a Grant-creating spell in the process.

After defeating the fake mayor, the Party accepted the Mayorship (Nytia), two council seats (Asmodeus and Antares), and Captain of the Guard (Nin).


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