Deathless Gods

Reckless Completionism

The two doors opened to a larger room with odd devices along the walls. Large metal clappers hung vertically along stone wall sections. If the clappers were pulled away from the wall and left to fall against the stone, they would send vibrations into the surrounding earth and draw out—what, some great worm? We weren’t about to find out. There was a natural burrow to the west that led to the river, and rooms to the south. We encountered no resistance and maybe picked up some items.

Bruised, low on spells, and feeling like even a tiny dagger stab would somehow explode our innards, we soldiered on. It was our moral duty to eliminate this bandit scourge, and reinvest their precious illbegotten wealth into the local economy.

We traveled to one of the last unexplored areas of the moat house and headed east down the wide corridor. On and on we walked, deeper and deeper into the ground. After 20 minutes of monotonous descent, we started imagining emerging in some sort of subterranean hell plane. We returned to the known corridors of the moat house and headed to where we thought the last bandits might hide.

We were right. We took a sharp corner and broke into the bandits’ kitchen. One man came at us with a cleaver while another raised the alarm with pots and pans. Of course they didn’t last long, but they probably didn’t expect to. Their compatriots had us cornered. A moment after the last cook fell, grenades rolled into the room from the corridor. A mass of twenty one bandits (including their leader Red) blocked our only exit. Noxious smoke filled most of the room, and we took cover to the sides of the door. Another round of explosives failed to finish us off, and we formulated an escape.

Antares’ dragon phased out of sight and reported on the bandits’ positions. When it returned, it summoned six dragonny friends and we prepared our rush. Two smokesticks were tossed out for cover, followed by an Alchemist’s Fist to knock them over if they were still grouped in the hallway. The summoned dragons led, followed by Nin, then Oceanous, then the rest. The bandits had retreated to either side of the previous corridor, and cut down half of the dragons immediately. Nin charged into the right batch while Antares burned down the left. The bandit lieutenants were a bit hardier, but even Red couldn’t stand up to Nin’s vorpal slashes. We won, gathered any gear we could find, and hightailed it out of there.

After a rest in the Alchemist’s House or anywhere safe, we plan to confront the false mayor, which will probably be a tough town-taking-over fight.


nexusphere Garg

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