Deathless Gods

The Sewer the Better

We found an entrance to the sewers beneath town. It had been bricked up by the property owner, so we paid for an iron trap door (with padlock) to be installed. Down, down, many stories below the city we descended. First Bandersnatch and Slithery Swamp Wolf, then the rest of the crew. As Bander’s eyes adjusted to the blackness of the underearth, she realized she was not alone. Two massive creatures with scrunched faces and skin hanging below their arms filled the small room. Bat men, with black and white striped faces. Their names were Erexa and Enorn, and they warned us of the “tuskers” who also inhabited this domain. The batmen live to the north, and the tuskers to the south.

To the west, we found a large room with a turtle statue. We determined that it may grant wishes, so we left ten thousand gold worth of gems into the water beneath and wished for a True Resurrection to be cast on our fallen friend Oceanous. Nothing obvious happened, but we hoped for the best.

We explored to the northeast and cleared a collapsed passage. Inside, we found a one-eyed statue, buried up to its chest in clay. The eye socket looked like it might fit a gem of some sort, so we made note to keep an EYE OUT, GET IT.

To the south, we found a staircase leading down. A few dead pigmen clued us in to the presence of a trap. Bandersnatch carefully disarmed it, and we made our way into a destroyed alchemical laboratory. A large door with many locks had a label “DANGER”, so naturally we opened it. Inside was a triangular room with a circular symbol painted on the floor. Trapped within was a man(?) with a feathered torso and fanged teeth. He purported to have great powers, and would do our bidding if we freed him. But things are rarely so simple. He wanted us to sign a contract, and indicated his penchant for flaying flesh and despoiling mortals. We settled to think it over, and return when we had an answer.


nexusphere Garg

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