Brusoff Schnapsjager



STR 11
DEX 12
WIS 18
INT 14
CHA 14

Religion, General skill
Social Skill


Brusoff Schnapsjager was born to a well-to-do Brightholm merchant family. His parents had high hopes for him and gave him every advantage in life. By the a age of six, the young prodigy had the servant staff enthralled with his antics. He knew the latest gossip the moment it occurred, and items swapped places behind closed doors, seemingly for the amusement of the boy. These oddities never disturbed the residents of Schnapsjager Manor. They prayed he had been touched by some holy power that would lift him (along with the rest of the family) to the height of the Brightholm aristocracy.

Brusoff’s tutors could barely keep up with the boy’s appetite for learning. He convinced (some would later use the word “ensorceled”) them to take him out into the city as a reward for completing his lessons before they were even assigned. In back alleys, he learned how to make quick friends, get out of trouble, and play on the emotions of others. He entered street competitions and somehow beat master gamblers and wrestlers on his first attempts. As the young Master Schnapsjager celebrated his thirteenth birthday, he won an expensive bottle of wine from a sea captain. Although his steward confiscated the bottle and secreted it away, it ended up in Brusoff’s hands the next night anyway. Alone in the manor, Brusoff drank himself delirious.

The next day, maids worked feverishly to scrub strange hypnotic patterns from stone floors, doors, and silver plates throughout the residence.

Trained in a renovated keep with an idiotic master

Brusoff Schnapsjager

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