Gunter Goran Guwain


Class: Fighter/Expert

Strength: 17 +2
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 15 +1
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 13 +1
Charisma: 10

Armor Class: 14
Max Hit Points: 6

Weapons: War Axe and Light Crossbow

Skilled in:
Disable Device
Detect Lies
Fortune Telling

Expert in: Trap Detection


Gunter met Bandersnatch in a forest where they were both fleeing from a local frolic of fairies. Gunter had already been on the run from the inhabitants of the town he had set up shop in as a spiritual advisor and medium. Unfortunately, Gunter’s fortune telling endeavors often end badly for him. In light of his last experience, Gunter(who is going by G at this time…just in case) has sworn off fortune telling and is hoping to take out some of his frustration at those ungrateful sods by swinging his war axe around.

Gunter Goran Guwain

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