lost psionicist


Gain religious lore:skilled
Gain any free skill
+1 Strength
+1 intelligence
Gain one discipline at first level and be one level behind etc.
-20 starting gold.


I don’t really remember my childhood, and I certainly don’t remember my original parents or even my given name. I do know that I was taken at a young age to live with the fey, but I don’t know why. When asked, my fey mother would simply reply, “You will know when you come of age.”

I vaguely remember wondering in the woods near the lake as a teenager, less than a year from my coming of age ceremony. I was collecting flowers, on a beautiful day, like any other, on our enchanted island when I heard what sounded like a child crying in the distance. I began searching for it, but suddenly the sound stopped and the day filled with gloom. The flowers were gone and the sun felt dim and cold. Frightened, I turned to go home, but nothing looked familiar. Beginning to panic, I started to run in the direction from which I had come. I ran for what felt like hours until my legs were covered in blood from many scratches and the sun began to set. I collapsed in exhaustion, crawled under the nearest fir tree with low reaching branches, pulled out the blanket from my flower satchel that my fey mother had woven me many years ago, and fell asleep, dreaming fitfully of my mother calling for me but being unable to reach her.

I woke with a start, the sun high in the sky, and began to look around. The world seemed so dull and brown in comparison to home, and everything felt as though it were dying. I tried to recall which way I had come, but even now I knew my memories of home were fading in this strange place. My mother’s voice still rang true in my thoughts, but the memory of her face and our home was fading fast. In the distance, I heard the sound of fast movement approaching, and I decided to investigate.

Carefully, so as to avoid detection, I moved through the trees and underbrush toward the oncoming sound. As it neared, I saw a wide dirt path. I hid and waited. Then I saw a most curious contraption. A horse, bulkier and uglier than any I had ever seen, was tied to a wooden device of some sort and running away from it, but he was unable to escape his bonds and the device kept following. Atop the device, I noticed what I now know to be a human man, hitting the horse with a long stick to get it to run faster. The man did not appear lame; I could not imagine why he would do that to a poor horse, when he could just as easily run to his destination. The inhabitants of this place must be cruel indeed. I would need to be exceedingly careful.

to be continued….


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