Antares familiar


Reddish black leathery dragon who is surprisingly intelligent and plenty mischievous. Will defend his master to the death and has the power of a flaming ogre fueling the fires within his gut.

2 HD
AC: 15

Attack Bonus: +4
Damage: 1,1 and 1d4 (claw,claw,bite)
Breath Weapon: 1/4" – 3’ cone 8 feet long that does 1d6
Breath Weapon(2): Single target for 1d3 damage

Special Abilities:
Turn Invisible
Resistant to Fire
30% Magic Resistance
Immolate at will to do 1d6 extra per melee attack
Charm: HD = (1/2 my level) once per week
Dancing light sphere 2 rounds * my level/day
Summon animals: Dragon type +6 once per week

Oh and he pees on everything…… I mean everything……



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