Unearthed Scroll


A scroll was found fatefully!

It contains 3 spells. Mindseye Mirror, Overwhelming Fungal Nodes, Dance of the Macabre

Mindseye Mirror

Level 3
Range: Anywhere on the plane.
Duration: Until dispelled or the mirror is broken.

Magic-Users often use this spell to keep an eye on something precious to them from anywhere on the plane where the spell was cast. A mirror is placed in a small room, closet or some other place that the wizard feels is safe and the spell is cast. When traveling, the magic-user carries a small mirror and with a little concentration can see through the mirror to view the object. If both mirrors are big enough the spellcaster can reach through the mirror and grab the item, otherwise he or she can just watch the item. The mirror can also be set up to watch a particular area and be used as a scrying device.

Overwhelming Fungal Nodes

Level 3
Range: Touch
Duration: One week per level of caster or until dispelled.

This odd curse of sporecery was thought to be introduced by the Grand Sporecerer of the Caves of Zarbingie when the odd magic-user emerged from deep contemplation of the fungal principles of the ancient sporecerers of yore. But then again, that might just be a rumor. When cast upon a hapless victim, the target of the spell may make a saving throw versus spells at -1 or become the center of an annoying patch of fungal growths. Mushrooms, toadstools, all sorts of fungus and mildew grow at an accelerated rate around the target. Sitting on a chair for one hour will turn that chair into a throne of mushrooms and assorted other fungi. Only 10% of these growths are poisonous (half of these are lethal, the other half very hallucinogenic), another 10% glow ominously in the dark and the rest are actually edible, if not always flavorful. This effectively creeps out everyone around the victim of the spell, giving the target -2 on Charisma (try giving a heartfelt motivational speech when you are knee-deep in mushrooms) for the duration of the curse. However, small annoying creatures like goblins and kobolds (and even beggars and the poor) may flock to the sufferer of the curse, considering them some sort of fungal savior. As long as the character is moving the fungus does not grow.

Dance of the Macabre

Level 3
Range: 60′ per level of wizard
Duration: Up to 6 turns

When cast near a cemetery or similar location that houses the undead the Dance of the Macabre spell will summon enough skeletons, zombies or similar mindless undead (although ghouls may be summoned, give them a save versus spells saving throw to resist becoming involved) to reenact a particular event. This is usually done on a small scale with thirty or less undead participants. These undead use improvised gear and make no conscious moves, they are all merely miming a particular event exactly how it happened. The casting wizard may “freeze” or reverse the action at will to examine the occurrences from different angles. This spell lasts up to one hour although it may not take that long to replay the desired events. After the spell is complete the undead return to whatever they were doing previously. Necromancers sometimes cast this spell to entertain others regarding their nefarious exploits.


Unearthed Scroll

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