Various Races are available for play. Races can multiclass, that is simultaneously improve in more than once class at once, split equally. They may also bank experience points into a racial class increasing their racial natures and abilities. Experience points may be given to racial classes at will. At certain thresholds, new abilities will be unlocked.

Non-humans may only choose from Fighter, Expert, or Sage. Non-humans do not get to select all abilities as a fighter, what skills they start with as an expert, or what type of focus their sage will have. i.e. there are certain unalterable similarities between all dwarves, etc.

Elf: 90%+ Resistance to sleep/charm, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, Infra-vision
All elven experts start off with the skill suite: Stealth, Keen-eyed, and Slight of Hand
All elven sages are Aboriginal

Dwarf: +4 on saves versus Poison, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma, Infravision
All dwarves gain the Stonelore skill for free.
All dwarven experts start off with the skill suite: Trap Detection, Disable Device, and Climb
All dwarven sages are Rune Mages

Aquatic Elf: 90%+ Resistance to sleep/charm, +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, Infra-vision
All aquatic elves have the aquatic creature type (swim speed, ability to breath water)
All aquatic elf experts start off with the skill suite: Stealth, Hear Noise, and Hide in Shadows
All aquatic elf sages are Sea School sages

Were-rat: +2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma, DR 5/Silver*, Has the shape changer type (can change form**)
They have two forms they can change into, Hybrid, and Rat form. Note that equipment does not change form.
Hybrid: +1 to hit, damage. +1 Natural Armor
Rat: AC 10, HP 1, +1 Bite for 1-4 damage, Stealth : Expert; Hide in Shadows : Expert;

Were-rats can improve their abilities in the were-rat racial class.
5,000 XP: +5 to Change form check.
Natural armor bonus in hybrid form rises to + 2
Gain Scent special quality in Rat Form
Gain the Lycanthropic Empathy ability

10,000 XP (15,000 total): +10 to Change Form check
+ 3 to hit, damage, + 3 natural armor in Hybrid form
Changing form takes only a move action to accomplish
Gain new form Dire Rat : AC 12, HP 5, + 5 Bite for 1-6 damage + Disease, Stealth: Master; Hide in Shadows: Master; Gain climb and swim movement speeds in rat and dire rat forms.
Gain Scent special quality in Hybrid Form

15,000 XP (30,000 total):DR increases to 10/Silver;
Changing form happens instantly (swift action);
Changing form no longer requires a check;
Hybrid Form gains total of + 5 to hit, damage.
Hit point totals are carried between all forms.
Gain Scent special quality in Human Form.
Rat forms are Improved Rat forms ( + 2 to hit, damage; +2 AC)
Gain Summon Swarm ability 1/day

*Note that any monster that has 4 or more Hit Dice counts as having a +1 magical weapon in regards to making physical attacks.

  • Change form: The were-rat can spend a full round to attempt to change form into hybrid or rat form or back. To do so they roll a D20 and add their Constitution Modifier.
    Human→ Hybrid or Rat, DC 15
    Hybrid or Rat → Human DC 20
    Changing form heals Hit dice in HP. (i.e. roll your hit dice and heal that many HP)


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