• Thaumaturgy (INT): Gain 3 random 1st level magic spells
  • Pick a School
  • Ordained (WIS): Gain the ability to Bless, Heal, and Turn Undead
  • Pick a Sphere
  • Aboriginal (WIS) : Gain an Familiar
  • Increase your Primal Power Rank
  • Rune Mages (CON) : Dwarven Spellcasters
  • Increase your Rune attunement

Sages are strictly limited in the number of spells they can know: 2 x Level + 2 x Statistic Bonus

Spells are prepared using the Memory Cell system. A player may cast any spell equal to or below his level, as long as it fits within his mind. (A fifth level mage can cast a fifth level spell).

Any of the above abilities may be freely taken at level up. They may learn spells from scrolls and switch out spells. Selections of Schools require Thaumaturgy. Selections of Spheres require Ordained. Selections of Primal Powers require Aboriginal.


If this is the first ability you pick, your familiar may be any natural animal (e.g. Tiger, Wolf, Bear, etc.). If this is selected after picking Thaumaturgy or Ordained, your familiar is a strange creature – determined by rolling on a secret DM table. The familiar has abilities of it’s base form and attacks as the creature it is.

Thaumaturgic Casters

These casters gain 3 random spells. They store their spells in books or other arcane references. They must sleep for 5 hours + 1 hour per level of spell they will prepare (6 hours for level 1, 8 for level 3, all the way to 12 for level 7) It takes them 1 turn per spell level to prepare spells. (e.g. to prepare 1 first, 2 second, and 1 third level spell, it takes 1+4+3 turns, or 8 turns, equal to 80 minutes after waking)

Ordained Casters

Ordained Casters can bless, heal, and turn undead at will. Any of these activities are fairly loud. They store their spells in prayer books and prepare them under the same restrictions as Thaumaturgic casters.

Bless: It takes 1 minute to bless all allied creatures in a 30’ area. This blessing lasts for 1 minutes and provides a +1 to hit, a +1 on saving throws, and a +4 on saves versus fear.

Water may be blessed to create holy water. This requires 2 hours and 10 gold. This produces 10 vials of holy water.

Items may be blessed. This generally costs around 100 gold pieces per pound in herbs and reagents, and is permanent. This provides no bonus to hit or any other (known) mechanical effect.

Locations may be blessed. This consecrates the ground, turning it into sacred ground. This requires two hours, one vial of holy water, and 25 gold in silver dust and reagents for every 100 square feet of area consecrated (10′ × 10′ area). This provides a bonus to turning undead and a -1 penalty on rolls for all undead. It may have other effects.

Heal: It takes 10 minutes to heal outside of combat. This cures 1d8+1 hit points per level of the ordained sage to a maximum of 1d8+5.

Any of these may be prepared in the memory cell matrix to be cast as a single action in combat.

Blessing when prepared this way only affects those not already engaged in melee. It also is only possible to bless people this way.

Healing when prepared this way requires the caster to touch the target. An attack roll must be made during melee. This only heals hit point damage – it does not count as either First Aid, or Wound Repair (A Cure Critical is required for that).

Turning Undead: Can be performed at any time. The cleric rolls 2d6.

Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level -5 Automatically Destroyed
Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level -4 Automatically Turned
Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level -3 Automatically Turned
Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level -2 3
Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level -1 5
Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level 7
Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level +1 9
Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level +2 11
Undead HD equal to Ordained Sage’s Level +3 Ineffective

If successful, she then turns 2d4 undead.

The Ordained sage may select another category of creatures to turn other then undead from this list: Elementals, Constructs, Evil Outsiders, Good Outsiders, Lawful Outsiders, Chaotic Outsiders.


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