Nytia Carlson

Ordained Sage


Race: Human
Class: Sage
Sex: Female
Hair: Palest Blond
Eyes: Grey
Age: 21
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 122lbs and svelte
Languages: Common
Level: 4

Str: 14 +1
Dex: 14 +1
Con: 12 0
Int: 12 0
Wis: 18 +3
Cha: 11 0

AC: 13
Movement: 12
HD: d4


Devout priest of Sieg-Freed Enroy. Sister of the late Grant Carlson and on the run from an organized crime syndicate with Asmo. Currently starting a new life and getting rich in Seamoore with Asmodeus and TBD. Unfortunately, everyone around me keeps dying.

Nytia Carlson

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