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Deathless Gods

You are in the realm of Oizys, the corrupt. Misery and woe storm in his wake.

To the far north lies the realm of Peitharchia, child princess. Her crystal acropoli is a beacon of decrepit stasis.

To the west lie the heathen wastelands of Dyssebeia, to the east the mountain realm of Ate, replete with the folly and ruin of the stone men.

The sea of Copais to the south is the realm of Ceto. Beyond is unknown.

Beware the lords of shadow, planetouched fiends, the sovereign tarragon, and the hideous behemoths who bestride the land.

Languages: Common (trade language), Fay, Dialects→High/Grey/Wild (Pixie-Farie, Elf, Grey), Lilliputian (Gnome, Halfling, Burrowing mammals), Hellion (Goblinoid, orc), Montus (Dwarven, Undercommon), Canis (Gnoll/Gnarl-ron/Wolf-men), Homonid (Ape), Jotnar (Trolls/giants), Suidae (Boar-men), Ophidian (reptile/lizard-men), Arachnidia (spider), Ichthys (Kuo-Toa, Troglodites, Bullywugs), Sign

Known Groups & Cults

Town cult: deals with ghouls?
Mysties of the Unconquered Toad: old
Scalemen: led into town by Zoezum, live in town of Oizys

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Changes and Negotiated Dungeons and Dragons
Domain Turns & Rules
More Houserules
Spells found
Skills: You gain a skills from your secondary skill-set. We are using Skills: The Middle Road system.
Weak henchmen Force
Encumbrance by stone
A Table for Avoiding Death
Simple criticals – roll a 20, roll double damage
Weapon Damage by class – Which weapon you use is unimportant. Have a dwarf fighter that fights with a mug or whatever.
Vancian VMIII Memory Cell Spellcasting

Completed Quests

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